Our most important goal is to have satisfied customers that will become
repeat customers. What we sell is what we use ourselves. From the casual
customer to the serious enthusiast both are looking for quality merchandise
at a fair price.

These are some of the items we carry:

Flexible 45 mil
Pond Liner in Several Different Widths
Variety of Pond Pumps
Pond skimmers
Bottom Drains
Full line of Koi and Goldfish foods
Fish Medications
Pond Treatments
Pond Lighting
Pond Netting
Ultraviolet Sterilizers
Aquatic Planting Soil
Planting Pots
Plant Nutrient Tablets

A Variety of Goldfish:
Comets, Shubunkin, Sarrassa Comets, Fantail, Ryukin

Full selection of
Koi including the Butterfly Koi.
Large assortment of varied
colors and sizes.
We carry a wide range of
supplies for all your pond
and saltwater needs.
The Frog Prince Water Gardens
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